Butterfly Kisses news

For those who remember my Scogue fansite of "Butterfly Kisses", I give you good news... Finally!

I've recently bought a domain, and will be recreating BK.... since the original files have since been lost due to multiple computer crashes since the site went down. However Wayback Machine has managed to catch a few screencaps of the site which will allow me to maintain some of the original contact.

The address will be:

It should not take too long to get it back up despite having to start from scratch. The only thing that will take up time will deciding on a layout. Which brings me to my first question - Which version do you want for Scott/Rogue to appear in the layout? Animated Series, Evolution, Movieverse, or one of the comics?

Also anyone with fanart and fanfic or other fanworks that would like to be linked or shown at the website, please let me know by a message or comment below! Or even Recs... especially with fics - I've sorta been out of the loop with X-Men lately (Avengers sort of took over my life!)

Any other suggestions are welcomed of course!

Ultimate X-men: Scogue appearance??!?

So I'm currently working on adding X-Men information at, and when I was starting Rogue's page, I went to check Wikipedia's page for her, and something made me look into the Other Versions of her, and look what I found:

[Spoiler (click to open)]"In Ultimate X-Men #80, Cyclops disbands the X-Men following Xavier's death. Rogue stays with Iceman at the Xavier Institute as a student. Xavier later returns and reveals himself to be alive. Rogue once again becomes an X-Man. At the end of Ultimate X-Men, a Banshee-enhanced Rogue is seen to be a member of Colossus' team. Her appearance heavily altered, it seems her abilities have been enhanced such that she can call on absorbed abilities, as she has Colossus' armored flesh and Angel's feathered wings extending from her arms. While telling Cyclops the benefits of Banshee she kisses him; when asked why, she replies "'Cause I can." (Ultimate X-Men #95)"

So this makes me want to read the Ultimate X-Men... like really badly. Even though this seems like a one time thing - never to be seen again. I can't even find any pictures of it so who knows if it actually happened (you know you can't trust Wiki 100%), so if anyone who has read the series can confirm this, this would be amazing news. IF it is, I'm totally going to try and find this issue at my local comic book store... Or just buy it off
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"Under Lock & Key" Episode Discussion

Here is where you can discuss Mesmero's ongoing efforts to resurrect Apocalypse in "Under Lock & Key."

My review to be added at a later date.

Nota bene: I am now finally up-to-date with the "X-Men Evolution" Episode Discussions. The series then went on hiatus until August 2003, as to finish off the series. I will follow suit in August 2013, and finish up the Evo Episode Discussions. You have my sincere apologies for delaying the matter for so long, and I'll spare you my excuses.

In the meantime, I'll be working on X-Men '92 Episode Discussions, as per the series' 20th anniversary, last year. I personally don't know how soon the Season 1 Discussions will be posted, but it will be within the near-future. As a result, expect another Discussion entry surge until the comm is caught up, which shouldn't be too much longer.
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