Stephanie (flareonfury) wrote in scottandrogue,

X-Men: Apocalypse Film Discussion

So what did everyone think of the film?

I actually liked the film a lot, I mean it still had stuff I would totally redo or remove but overall I think it was pretty good. Loved Cyclops!

So I absolutely loved that Cyclops, Jean, Jubilee, and Nightcrawler went to the mall together - it reminded me of XMTAS & XME so much.

Heartbreak for Alex, of course, although I'm hoping he got zapped to another universe.

PHOENIX... Don't know why they had to drag it out so long but FINALLY we got the fiery Phoenix.

I want more of Psylocke, Storm, Archangel/Angel, and Nightcrawler right now. And I just need some timey wimey time-travel AUs so teen!Scott & teen!Marie meet.
Tags: xmen: first class (film)
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