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Scott and Rogue Forever
the best place to get everything Scogue love
July 8th, 2016 
Okay as some of you may or may not know, I've been trying on adding information to Fanlore, especially the X-Men fandom (plus various others I've been in), and one of the pages is of course Scott/Rogue:


Now it's not much yet but still I was hoping if anyone one has any particular fic, art or vid recs? Or opinions on particular sites you go to, that's not already listed. Anyone remember the Scott/Rogue MSN group from the early 2000s that I had? (I just barely remember it myself - I have such a bad memory anymore - I do think I named it the same as this group) or any other sites or events anyone remembers?

Any common tropes in fics that you find a lot or enjoy?
So what did everyone think of the film?

I actually liked the film a lot, I mean it still had stuff I would totally redo or remove but overall I think it was pretty good. Loved Cyclops!

Spoilers below....Collapse )
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