Scott/Rogue History

Okay as some of you may or may not know, I've been trying on adding information to Fanlore, especially the X-Men fandom (plus various others I've been in), and one of the pages is of course Scott/Rogue:

Now it's not much yet but still I was hoping if anyone one has any particular fic, art or vid recs? Or opinions on particular sites you go to, that's not already listed. Anyone remember the Scott/Rogue MSN group from the early 2000s that I had? (I just barely remember it myself - I have such a bad memory anymore - I do think I named it the same as this group) or any other sites or events anyone remembers?

Any common tropes in fics that you find a lot or enjoy?


Apparently never posted about this.... but I made a Tumblr Scogue site:

Because I have no money to actually keep a domain for BK :( Sadly though, Tumblr doesn't really have a Scott/Rogue fandom. But if anyone is apart of it, follow and start posting some Scogue works!
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"X-Men '92" Infinite Comic Series

This week marks the release of Marvel's "X-Men '92" digital comic series. For those who enjoyed the 92 series (myself included), it's certainly worth a look. The first link below contains an interview with co-writers, Chad Bowers and Chris Sims, detailing their plans with the new series. The second one is your obligatory preview.

If nothing else, it may be the only current source of potential Comic Cyclops/Rogue interaction until Marvel's Secret Wars 2015 is sorted out. Beggars can't be choosers, at least for the time being.

Update: Series will be re-launched as a full ongoing, next Spring:
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X-Men: Days of Future Past Film Discussion

You've seen the trailer (and if not check it out on the official website).

You've probably read some spoilers or some articles about the film. You might have seen the released images? Or the Empire covers.

I want to hear your opinions! Are you excited? Are you angry? Sad? Disappointed? Happy? Relieved? What?

How do you feel about the character line-up? the plot changes? etcetera.

I know Cyclops is no where in this film (his brother Havok is) and Rogue may or may not be seen in the released film (hopefully we'll be able to see the deleted scenes), but since the film could have potential ties in adding more history to their characters and inspire people to start writing again - I mean come on I can already see fix-it fics for the movie already! We just need some Scott/Rogue versions!

Professor W's X-Men Discussion

So I've been working on List of Marvel Universes on Fanlore (so that it's not just Alternate Avengers universes but also X-Men's and Spider-Man's), and I just added Professor W's X-Men to the list and when I was looking for more information (I knew Nocturne came from this reality but not much else) - I saw that Rogue was on Cyclops team, and that just made me really happy lol.

And really in the mood for some fics that have them on Bad/Evil team.

Has anyone actually read these "Professor W's" comics? Was there any scenes between Scott and Rogue?

Ex-Men: Cyclops

Pete Holmes (of "The Pete Holmes Show") on Youtube made this parody thing about Cyclops and he mentions makes a Rogue/Scott comment. (It's not much in scheme of things but it still counts I say!)

Video Summary: Professor X has some bad news for the leader of the X-Men

See Rogue's video here.

Also in other news - Butterfly Kisses has been opened since November. ( Not much activity I know, but I'm looking for people to add more fanworks to it.. and if anyone wants to write articles or Reasons for Shipping Scogue, please let me know.